The Best Boarding School Experience in Malaysia 

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There are many institutions of learning in Malaysia but very few of them can measure up to Marlborough College Malaysia. This institution will give your kids top-notch British education and will prepare the kids for a better future.  The teachers are true professions and have what it takes to impact the right knowledge to your kids. This is one institution that you can always trust for top quality education for your kids and you will always get good value for money. If you are looking for a British boarding school for your wards, then you should not hesitate to register them at Marlborough College Malaysia.

Top notch boarding system

British boarding school

The institution provides top quality boarding facilities for your kids. Any kid from Year 5 is welcome to join the boarding system at this institution. The boarding system is divided into different Houses and each house consists of 50 to 50 pupils.  Each House in this British boarding school is also under the monitoring and leadership of a Housemaster or a Housemistress and they are commonly called ‘HM’ by the pupils. The HMs are directly involved and are responsible for the progress and welfare of each of the pupils. Rest assured that your kids will be in safe hands with these HMs.  They act as parents and wish each pupil the best in life.

At the boarding house, your kids will equally have access to Resident House Tutors (RHT) and several teams of visiting tutors so that your kids can enjoy the best in British system of education right here in Malaysia.

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