Tips for finding employment and opportunities using apps

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Companies are getting more and better to their customers through their mobile phones, interacting and knowing their preferences and interests in their social and professional life and in their personal space.

The data from recent surveys show that more than half of people seeking employment also use social networks as most of those responsible for recruiting and recruiting companies No of job seeker platform singapore.

Focus only on the applications that you’re really going to use

1 out of every 8 people quits or does not use an Android application again after three days of downloading it, according to an analysis by that has reviewed anonymous data from more than 125 million phones.

Download and test applications one by one

Accumulate apps on your mobile that you never test or end up testing only in a very superficial way is like having your messy work desk and your professional agenda with unfinished tasks that will discourage your search.

job seeker platform singaporeTest as soon as possible

Most of the services 2.0 of labor intermediation and job offers have a free trial period in which you can assess the suitability of the app for your interests, know all the services offered and investigate the quality of customer service.

SELECT: Check references to choose the best apps

Check a list of recommended apps to search for employment and career opportunities

Numerous articles offer information about apps to find work, which allows you to compare its usefulness thanks to the analyzes and comparisons that other users or professionals have already made.

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