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Coronary Artery Bypass: Complete Procedure Details about the Surgery

What exactly happens during the coronary artery bypass?

First step in this surgery is for surgeon to prepare arteries or to remove veins that can be used as the bypass grafts.

The surgeon performing coronary artery bypass Singapore makes the incision down your chest center, through sternum (or breast bone), your coronary arteries and heart will be seen. Also, your heart is likely to be stopped for the short time so surgeon will perform bypass process on “still” heart. During such time, heart-lung bypass surgery machine takes for the lungs and heart, thus blood keeps on moving throughout your body. It is known as “on-pump” surgery. This pump will be turned off after grafts are placed rightly. Also, your heart beat & blood flow comes to normal.

How this surgery is performed?

This surgery sometimes can be done not using heart and lung machine, whereas your heart is beating. It is known as “off-pump” surgery. Bypass grafts will be put by sewing one side of your vein or artery around the tiny opening below its blockage in diseased artery and attaching other end to the small opening made in aorta. It redirects blood flow over the blockage. Suppose the internal thoracic artery is used, then one end will be connected to coronary artery whereas other stays linked to aorta.


When the surgery is going on, your surgeon may place the temporary pacing wires or chest tube before the sternum gets closed with the special wires.

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