Why To Go For Leather Stamp? Everything You Want to Know!

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Do you want durable metal stamps? Here, we will tell you some top reasons why stamps are the best, and why they’re perfect for the metal stamping business as well!

What Makes the Metal Design Stamps So Different?


The leather stamp takes plenty of hits! Because of this durability is the huge factor with metal and leather design stamp.  They make use of the unique heat treating process that actually makes back of the stamp a bit softer than face. Why is it important? The process ensures your stamp won’t break and crack from the miss hits and uneven pressure, and it is one important factor for adding to life of your stamp.

Metal Design Stamps

Rated for the Stainless Steel

Suppose you use the non-rated leather embossing stamp on the stainless, you may quickly dull the stamp. Dull stamps will make the lousy impressions! All stamps design and sets are been rated for the use on the stainless steel. Thus, you won’t need to worry of wearing out this stamp. Also, you may use it on the brass, silver, pewter, copper, bronze, aluminum, and gold. They will grind away extra metal by design so you will align everything easily.

Different Sizes

There are a wide range of the shank sizes for the design stamps that will optimize design stamps usability and feel. The example of different shank sizes are been used in the stock design items:

  • Rectangle Shanks:
  • Square Shanks: