Top 7 Ways For Getting Instagram Likes And Followers-2020

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Having an online presence in any social media platform is serious competition, especially when it comes to Instagram. Everybody loves getting attention on social media. Looking at your profile page and seeing that you have a huge following just fills you with joy and a sense of accomplishment. But, if you’re one of those people who is still working on how to get there, this is just the article for you. Listed below are the steps you’ll need to increase your presence on Instagram and get more likes and followers.

Instagram Likes And Followers- How Be An Influencer?

Get out there

Follow accounts that you’re interested in and comment on posts. A funny and intellectual comment always gets attention and clicks on your profile follow. If your account is solely based on a particular theme like food, skits, marketing or promotion of your business, follow accounts that are similar and comment on their posts. This way you also get to know what your competition looks like.

Make your account look fancy

What you post on your account speaks highly of what you are like and what you want to promote. An account with high quality and clear pictures is likely to get more involvement from people who are just coming across your account. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post pictures taken with professional equipment; these days phones can do the trick. Remember, a bright and sunny picture is always a treat to the eye.

It’s all about the hashtags

Look up the recently and most used hashtags and use the relevant ones on your post. Using a minimum of seven to ten hashtags on a post increases its visibility and more people come across your post. This makes people click on your username and check out your profile and increases your chances of getting more Instagram likes and followers.

Geo-tagging helps

Geotag your posts so that the location pops up. Posts with a location are known for getting way more engagement and likes than posts without one. The more local you get, the more the people around you become aware of your existence.

Go all out in your captions

Captioning your post is one of the most important steps to attracting audience.

  • Be original. Don’t use overly used captions that you’ve found on google. You can try to use quotes from popular movies or Tv series.
  • Be descriptive when required.
  • Use jokes and puns.

Engage with your present audience

Going after Instagram likes and followers is fine, but always interact with the people who already follow you.

  • Post stories like ‘Ask me anything’, the feature already present on Instagram.
  • Heart and reply to their comments.
  • Share stories of your followers on your account.
  • Go live.
  • Tag people you know in your posts.

These show that you value your followers and helps promoting your account.

Be a part of the trend

Participate in popular and trending posts and buy likes at Engage with people in the comment section of the posts. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion but also don’t forget to be polite.


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