Leonyx Jogger Half Camo: The King OfStreetwear

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Leonyx is a brand hailing from Thailand, specializing in streetwear. They use a unique infusion of art into fashion, giving your basic streetwear a sophisticated, artsy touch. They use the best quality materials to bring you comfort along with an edgy, modern fit. Their new collection entitled ‘Leonyx Camo 2019’ incorporates the evergreen camo print into their style, as can be seen in their new product: The Leonyx Jogger Half Camo.

The Product

These joggers immediately catch the eye owing to their design –one leg is a basic black fabric with a red strip containing the Leonyx logo running down followed by some white detailing along the outer side of the leg, while the other leg donsan attractive and vibrant camo print, with the same side detail as on the other leg.

The joggers are of ankle length and the leg opening hugs the ankle, in contrast to the loose yet flattering fit of the joggers to provide a casual and structured silhouette to the legs.


Since the joggers command total attention, it is best worn with a plain, solid-colored tee, which can also be found on Leonyx.

These joggers look their best when paired with a white or black pair of sneakers or shoes.


These high-quality joggers can be worn anywhere and while doing anything, owing to the mobility that the fabric allows the wearer. They stand out from the crowd and demand to be seen, all while leaving comfort and functionality uncompromised.

The statement Leonyx Jogger Half Camo comes in sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large, the exact sizes of which can be found on https://leonyxstore.com/product/leonyx-jogger-classic/. They are priced at 1,190 Baht (USD 38.13), and are available on the Leonyx website, in addition to many other trendy pieces that prompt a second look.

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