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The most common doubt everyone has about the preserved flowers is the real flowers? Yes, they are real flowers and of high quality. These preserved flowers are considered to be the best gift for any occasion. The best part of the preserved flower is that they do not get fade like the fresh flowers. You can find many different designs of preserved flowers in glass dome singapore. Let us see about preserved flowers in detail.

  • The preserved flowers are more expensive compare to the fresh flowers. The reason being that the quality of preserved flowers is very good and in the process of preservation they only use non-toxic chemicals. You will be amazed to know that only a few flowers pass the strict selection process preserving.
  • The preserved flowers’ life span is very much higher than the fresh flowers. The preserved flowers stay for many years if they are stored in proper conditions whereas the fresh flowers max to max stay for a week.
  • As it has longer life it can keep for a long time and you will save money of regular change. For example, if you see the hotel or restaurants place fresh flowers at their front desk which they have to change every day. Instead, if they prefer preserved flowers they just have to spend once.
  • Another special feature of the preserved flowers is that you can change the color whenever you required according to the demand of the occasion. In the case of fresh flowers, you have to change your complete decoration plan if you are unable to get the required color of flowers.
  • With preserved flowers, there is no condition that you have to complete the flower arrangement just before the event starts, as they stay fresh for a long time so the florist can work without any time pressure on them.


Preserved flowers are always the best choice for any occasion without the worry of it getting fade.

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