fibromyalgia doctor singapore

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is the common attacking diseaseson your bones and muscles. It is often diagnosed when the patient has joint pain and fatigue. There is reason behind fibromyalgia are, they affect if you are women.When you get painful diseases like anxiety and depression there are lots if chances to e affected for fibromyalgia.If there are no regular exercises, then you might suffer for this, there are fibromyalgia doctor singapore is effectively treating people.

fibromyalgia doctor singapore


  • Muscle pain; when you do not deal with any kind of exercises, there are lot of possibilities to get muscle pain. It feels like flesh tightening and burning, this is the major symptom that makeEdit Post people suffer a lot.
  • Low pain threshold; there are certain points in which our body cannot control pain. It is always better to check a physician initially when you have all these tender point pains
  • Fatigue; any disease that initially starts with lack of sleep and tiredness will result in heavy. It is better to check with consultant before proceeding with fibro.
  • Insomnia; when you don’t get proper sleep and if there is no proper sleep. Check for MRI scan. There may be issues with brain. Disease that affects nerve will end up damaging brain. So, it is always better to make yourself free from stress and nervous issues. Bloating, headaches, constipation and diarrhea are the initial cause of any damages that are caused inside your body. So, try for complete scan when you diagnose with any of these symptoms.

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