Things to know about acute appendicitis

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This is an inflammation of the appendix, a small tube. It is situated at the right side of the abdomen. It is not important for the ordinary layman to study the germs which cause the inflammation; but it is essential for everybody to have some concept of the signs of appendicitis so that no individual will carelessly get rid of time in visiting a physician in case of such an eventuality. The first symptom is pain in the upper mid-abdomen. The pain is periodic it goes and comes at intervals of a couple of minutes each. The pain drops into the right side where the appendix is located. The muscles within this area contracted to guard the tender area. This is a hint in making a diagnosis of appendicitis. Fever is not high, which range from normal. This is the case that is normal although it is possible for symptoms to change. Diarrhea mayor might not be present. The patient feels better and if the pain stops it is a sign that the appendix has ruptured in getting the patient and no time should be lost.

acute appendicitis

Treatment for Acute Appendicitis:

The remedy for many cases of appendix surgery in Singapore once the diagnosis is made. Despite the fact that there could be a question as to whether the pain is because of an appendix or to ameba or maybe to ovulation in the case of a lady, it is advisable to take out the appendix. Surgery would not do any harm in the two instances, and could be a life saver if it turns out to be appendicitis. Note that pain needs to be taken to an experienced surgeon for care and with nausea must be considered a potential case.

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