Sacramento – People facing Racism

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Due to the impact of COVID-19, people around the world facing difficulties to run their lives. Many are out of work, economic collapse and other problems. On the other hand, people are fighting against racism and violence. It is responsible for everyone in the community to make the impact of black lives matter sacramento and breakdown the injustices. As a person, one should listen, reflect and attempt to correct inequities.

How people fighting to avoid racism?

Black community people experiencing disturbance feeling every day. Racism has become part of every system from the schools to the prisons. And everyone is responsible for breakdown the injustice against them. With the black lives matter sacramentoprotest, demand and you get the appropriate action to bring justice. Especially the youth of the community should make the changes through civic action by participating and voting to make the voice heard for inequities each and every day.

Always don’t wait for the others to lead you, take the chance and create a huge impact. In Sacramento, the work relationships based on the community that is related to race and culture. To break these things down, people should have the courageous conversations. It might be difficult and complex when talking about the topics of racism, social justice.

But to stop things in future we have to commit continuing the conversations to our community, and students. It is not possible to achieve everything in a single day. Make your every step strong, and you can bring a great change to the community.

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