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Everything To Know About The O Level A Math Tuition

The O level additional mathematics subject is mainly offered by the Singapore Cambridge examination board. This normally covers calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and geometry. This subject mainly prepares the student for the A level H2 mathematics and for many other courses. This course does offer opportunities for many different future jobs. Some of the facts about the o level A math tuition has been discussed in this article.

The course taught at the O level A-Math Tuition

There are many institutions, who mainly provide the O level A-Math tuition, mainly offers the below courses:

  1. Algebra: This includes equations and inequalities, indices and surds, the partial factors and polynomials, modulus function, and the binomial expansions.
  2. Trigonometry: This includes trigonometric equations, identities and functions, and coordinate geometry in two or three dimensions.
  3. Calculus: This mainly includes integration and differentiation.

The need for searching for some highly experienced math tutors and that too finding an affordable rate is also challenging.

Features offered by different educational institution providing O level A Math tuition

They do offer different resources to the students, to help in their understanding of the subject matter. This helps in removing the fear of the students. This helps in solving many different problems. For many students in Singapore, math is a compulsory subject and an important part of the curriculum. This is a highly valued subject that helps in developing critical thinking skills in the case of students, which is very much applicable in real life.

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