Challenge accepted by IGCSE tutors HK


One of the best Consulting service with an expert level of faculty whose aim to a focus on  Open and diverse course curriculum designed international programs such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) IGCSE (international general certification for secondary education).

Fruitful opportunity available for students

We Accept the challenge because Most challenging programme and rigors qualification are now possible through  One of the best Consulting services which include  Knowledge, understanding, Evaluation, the analysis  in one package.

All these IGCSE\ IB are Teacher dependent courses so IGCSE tutor HK forced the children beyond the limits to obtain the goal.  We provide complete justice to the enrolled students.  Level of courses are categorized into

  • Standard primary level
  • Young
  • Diploma

The strong commitment of IGCSE tutors HK for students to get selection in the best schools in Hong Kong and abroad. Our students always rank high or significantly improve their rank.

 We create creative candidates and complete justice for quality tutoring service in private and small group formats online. As its open curriculum so best sources are provided with the different methodology

Fundamental subjects

  • IGCSE/IB chemistry
  • IGCSE/IB Physics
  • IGCSE/IB Biology

Chemistry is one of the most scoring subjects for any board. It is basically classified into three section physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry. A major part of physical chemistry is based on mathematics and calculations and organic and inorganic chemistry is full of chemical reactions so individual ib biology class are provided to cover the whole syllabus in time.   IB chemistry tutors are well specialized in their individual field.

The responsibility of IB chemistry tutors is to develop good independent learner and even you can learn much more in your area of interest so any individual learns practical and theoretical skills both.

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