Reverse Logistics: Launching in 3…2…1…!

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When a company launches a product beginning with sales, marketing, profit and further more the technical states of end to end production, distribution and the lot. Reverse logistics something not that everyone would have heard, but yes it does exist. It involves a specific set of activities that is carried out after the sale or launch of a product to recapture the value and close the product’s lifecycle.

Each company adopts different strategies of marketing till distribution and accounting. Reverse logistics is that one method that provides the idea of a product also having a lifecycle, to begin and end with. It is a great way to attain feedback about the product that enables space for improvement and upgrade. One of the key concepts involved is ‘recapturing the value’. Different companies adopt different strategies each that consists of maybe 4, 5, or maybe even 7 steps. This style of business is known mostly for being the opposite of supply chain.

Blu in business

 One place to note for it’s different approaches of reverse logistics would be blu. A company that makes such an important process, simply and efficient that profit the company. The website lists out small steps like simplify returns process, avoid missing out on a sale, be eco-conscious and provokes the customer to get started immediately. Most importantly the website outlines 3 key steps that efficiently utilizes reverse logistics management easier. And one note worthy aspect is that they take a huge step towards being eco-friendly, which makes them focus on an important part of business and transaction that is a carbon footprint.

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