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It’s been almost 2 years since BMW launched their bmw 8 series. But, it seems that the craze over the car does not want to go down. Well, why would it go down? The elegance of the car doesn’t seem to fade off, in addition, the twin-turbo V8 engine is packed with the power punch that rejuvenates one’s, power-hungry soul.

The gran coupe is named after the longer proportion over the 2 doors 8 series coupe, along with the longer wheelbase, a wider footprint and two more doors allowing access to the rear seats.

Furthermore, the chassis is extremely convenient and the adaptive M suspension adds an excellent balance between firm and mushy. However, the overall composure is quite surprising given the size of the car.

In addition to all these the real beast of an engine is the 8 cylinders turbocharged engine which can generate 523 horsepower. In addition to the power outage, the eight-speed automatic transmission is somewhat of a wild fantasy. The transmission holds steadily in both sports and sports plus mode.

Apart from being comfortable, the driver assistance feature of the M850i Gran Coupe gives it another edge of excellence.

The 2020 M850i Gran Coupe is worth every dime you will be using. It is packed with more power but it also maintains its composure making it a car that you can drive daily. Even against the top competitors, the M850i Gran Coupe is one step ahead in its price as well as composure. Of all the BMW 8 Series models, this is the one you should go for.

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