classified ads

What are the classified ads used for?

The classified ads are one of the great classics of Internet and they can be very useful to find what you’re looking for , because, unlike search engines, operate with much greater interaction between search and users, who can compare different parameters such as price, status, product or service. Click here for Free Classifieds.

Classified ads online

Within the classified ads there are two main options, and one does not have to be worse than the other, everything depends on what you want to buy or sell:

Free classified ads

As its name suggests, in principle it will not cost you anything to put the ad in this type of programs, but then they can have premium functions or have buy / sell commissions. Visit this site for Free Classifieds.

Free Classifieds

Classified classified ads

Set a fee per ad or per words.

What are the classified ads for?

The main function of online classified ads is, enabling the purchase / sale of items and services, that is, the exercise of marketplaces between individuals, with which the transaction is simple and direct, without intermediaries.

Now, classified ads pages there are many, some are specific (also called “niche”) and other generalists, so much so that you can buy from used phones to apartments, through babysitter services, a whole world to your reach!

It goes without saying that the origin of this modality must be traced in the written press , in particular, in newspapers and newspapers. These usually have a section oriented to the notices, although sometimes these are published separately from the main body of the newspaper or newspaper. In magazines, the sample of classified ads is usually smaller, although it is also present.

With the emergence of the Internet, the use of classifieds reached a new state. On the one hand it can be said that the costs of publication became even more economical until they became free. On the other, the agility provided by the network made the use of this modality even more frequent. This is how you can find sites of huge traffic whose sole purpose is the display of these notices. This immense traffic generates a lot of money in advertising that makes the collection of the publication unnecessary, which explains its gratuity.