buying upright fridge Singapore

Factors to take into account when buying upright fridge Singapore

The number one reason why they are not common in most homes is the noise level. Commercial refrigerators have powerful fans and compressors that create a lot of noise. They are absolutely necessary in a busy business (for example, in the field of catering), where the doors of a commercial vertical refrigerator can be opened and closed up to 300 times a day. Because, as you probably know, opening the refrigerator door causes rapid temperature changes, so having all this extra cooling power is very useful for lowering the temperature.

The difference is that you are unlikely to live in a house where the upright fridge singapore doors open and close with more than 300 timers per day. And all this extra power is completely unnecessary.

Now you might think that you could withstand the extra noise and that it really would not bother you. But if you imagine the scenario when you just returned home after a long day’s work, raise your legs and turn on your favorite TV show, only to find that you barely hear it due to the noise of your commercial refrigerator, you can change your mind.

In addition, if you have small children, you will know exactly how difficult it is to sleep. And you will also understand how hard it is for them to sleep!

Another key factor is price.

Additional components and high-quality construction have a cost, so a commercial refrigerator will be more expensive than a standard home refrigerator. They will also cost more money to operate because, although they are often designed for ultra-low power consumption, the additional power of compressors and fans will result in higher operating costs.

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