The Two Main Types Of Cannabis

Some of the cannabis users might be aware of the type of cannabis they are using. But, some are not aware yet have noticed that cannabis comes with different tastes or “high”. For them, they simply ignore it as long as they know that they are consuming cannabis. Cannabis plant comes into two main types, namely:

sativa strains: Acapulco gold, Durban poison, and Panama red.

  • Sativa. It is known for the “head high”, it has an energizing effect that helps reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus and creativity. The origin of the Cannabis Sativa is found mainly in dry climates, hot and long sunny days. It is available mostly in Central America, Africa, Western and Southeast portions of Asia. The Sativa plants are thin and tall with finger-like leaves. It grows taller than 12 ft. tall. It takes longer to mature compared to some other types of cannabis. Sativa has a higher dose of THC and a lower dose of CBD. It is commonly associated with effects, such as:
  • Mind-high
  • Energizer
  • anxiety-reducing

The Sativa-dominant gives the feeling of being productive and creative, and not lethargic and relaxed. It is advised that Sativa is used in the daytime because of the stimulating impact. There are 3 popular sativa strains: Acapulco gold, Durban poison, and Panama red.

  • Indica. It is known with full-body effects. It reduces insomnia and increases deep relaxation. Cannabis indica is a native in India, Afghanistan, and Turkey. Cannabis plants can adapt to dry, turbulent, and harsh climates. Cannabis Indica plant is stocky and short with chunky leaves and bushy greenery that grow broad and wide. It grows faster compared to the Sativa and produces more buds. It has less THC and a higher level of CBD. It has an intensely relaxing effect, increases appetite, and reduces nausea and pain – better to consume at night.

Both types of cannabis are used for a variety of recreational and medicinal products or purposes. Although certain research has done examining these effects, it turned out to have limited yet more in common.

Find the right cannabis strain you need

Cannabis consumers should know their specific needs of a cannabis plant, potential side effects, and strains to consider, etc. Now, you have to understand the strain effects that can answer your needs. Sativas are more energizing and invigorating. The Indicas are more calming and relaxing. The individual plants produce altering effects. To sum it up, it depends on the type of cannabis plant’s growing technique used and chemical composition.