A detailed view of League of Legends Font

League of Legends is a famous multiplayer game and it was developed by Riot games. This game is very complex to play, because it has both fast-paced gameplay and high-level strategies where the players have to work with their team to defeat the enemy.

In 2012 this game is the most played PC game in terms of time played in Europe and North America and its popularity was grown with a far-reaching fan base. For this reason, many audiences and designers want this league of legends font design for creating their own designs.

Font family of League of Legends game

The league of legends font was created by Victor Caruso and Ernst Friz in 1973 at FrizQuadrata and the font belong to the font family serif. This font family has 4 unique styles such as Bold, Italic, Medium and Regular. The FrizQuadrata typeface is available free for private purposes but for commercial use, you have to buy the license from ITC for downloading and using it as all the rights are reserved and taken by Linotype foundries and ITC.

FrizQuadrata was used in many famous institution logos and companies like the University of Cincinnati, DreamWorks Animation, Ellis LLP and Kirkland. So this elegant font can be used for various purposes like movie posters, banner ads, book covers, logo designs, and many more purposes.

If you are a designer who is looking for versatile fonts each day for different projects, then this FrizQuadratz is the best option for you as they share unique and new typefaces on daily basis.

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